The Banyan Tree is one of the most venerated trees in India, known to survive for centuries, symbolizing longevity and grace. With its wide outstretched branches, it is often compared to the shelter given by the gods to spiritual devotees. Its long winding limbs which twist and bind, epitomize flexibility and strength, and the importance of staying grounded and rooted. Even the bark, leaves and fruit hold many healing properties known to renew health and vitality. To this day, people have always gathered at dusk in the cool shade of the big broad leaves, to connect and resolve conflict, to share and be heard, and to find peace. At Banyan Retreats, we seek to bring people together to support individual and collective growth through yoga and other nurturing practices.


    Banyan Retreats offers customized support for yoga teachers wanting to organize retreats and teacher trainings worldwide. We are here to simplify your life. Your job is to envision your dream retreat. Our job is to listen, collaborate and make it happen.



    Do you like booking vehicles and planning meals? Tracking payments and organizing registration forms? No? That's great, because that is just part of what we can do for you. From program design to accounting and client management, Banyan's bespoke support and in-country expertise allows you to do what you love most: teach, inspire and relax. Do you see your students surrounded by sprawling emerald rice paddies, or nestled up in the misty mountains? Interested in group surf lessons? Are your morning meditations at sunrise by the sea? Would you like to make Balinese offerings or raw chocolate? Bring us your ideas, and let us share some of ours with you, to co-create a personalized and unforgettable experience for your group.



    We take the time to understand your course themes, curriculum and goals. We work with you to clarify how we can best support your vision. Choosing from a menu of personally surveyed facilities, we identify the best possible resources for your group. From accommodation and food to the natural landscape and the frangipani blossoms left on your pillows - we know that details matter.


    We only work with socially and environmentally responsible retreat centers and businesses. We support their commitment to positive change through their organic gardens, alternative energy supplies, support of local initiatives, responsible waste management or staff empowerment programs.



    You’ve come so far - why not invite the essence of the local culture into your experience? We hold a deep respect for the rich cultural traditions of our host countries and strive to incorporate unique local experiences into every journey. Let us help you infuse your program with extraordinary ceremonies, dances, and customs to ensure an authentic, memorable and deeply profound experience for every participant.


    Give back.

    Karma Yoga is the "discipline of action" and the art of selfless service. It is an important part of the yogic path, and of what we choose to do at Banyan Retreats. Through our Compassion in Action initiative, we offer teachers the option of allocating a small portion of course fees to local NGOs or individuals working to effect social or environmental change.


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    Jamie Woodall


    Jamie Woodall, has been organizing immersive, cross-cultural travel adventures for over 18 years. She is passionate about utilizing the rich cultural and physical landscapes of Asia as a metaphor for learning about our own inner wisdom and potential.


    As T.S. Elliot so eloquently wrote, "We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time."


    Indeed, Jamie understands that at the heart of each deeply transformative experience is something which inspires change. It may be an experience that challenges our physical body, our view of "the other"or our comfortable perception of ourselves. It may be an authentic connection with someone or an adventure that shakes up our reality just the right amount.


    Jamie is committed to hosting retreats and trainings which offer supportive and nurturing environments for those who are seeking to explore their own potential.

    Yeni Wijaya

    Program Coordinator

    Yeni is our brilliantly talented Balinese host, logistician and overall super hero. As Program Coordinator, Yeni brings to Banyan a wonderful blend of consistently positive and calming energy, a passion for holistic health, along with a natural flair for logistics and information management. Whether greeting people with her friendly smile, getting everyone's ducks in a row, or leading kiran sessions with the group, Yeni always brings something rich to every Banyan program, and is a wonderful asset to the team. 


    Vancouver, Canada: 







  • What People are Saying

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    Duncan Parviainan

    Yoga Teacher (Empowered Spirit YTT // Align & Shine Retreat)

    Jamie (and Banyan Retreats) has helped organise, run and administrate multiple yoga retreats and teacher trainings for me around the world. Her level of professionalism is astounding. Jamie pays great attention to detail, is incredibly organized and her communication with our students was always very punctual, passionate and considerate. Our retreats and trainings ran so smoothly and were incredibly succesful because of Jamie. I highly recommend her and her company, Banyan Retreats.

    Kristine Paliuanan

    Student of Empowered Spirit 200HR YTT, 2016

    I want to express my gratitude for EVERYTHING you have done for me and the rest of the group. The resort was absolutely stunning and the staff now feel like my Balinese family. The training was organized so well! I'm humbled to have had this opportunity to grow my Yoga with such beautiful people and teachers. No words can really describe how grateful I am to you and to everyone - I am truly Blessed.


    The Nyepi (celebration) was such a beautiful time of solitude. I had an incredible time celebrating the "Ogoh Ogoh" processions with the locals and their family! I was overjoyed to be a part of their village and community. Thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity.

    Laila Dajani

    Teacher: A Mindful Yin & Yang Retreat, May 2017

    It was wonderful, easy and professional working with Banyan Retreats in so many different ways. Jamie’s experience and knowledge of Bali made it possible for her to understand exactly which retreat centre would be the perfect fit for my group. Jamie’s honest work ethic and drive is why I want to continue working with her on future retreats. She was clear about every detail while planning this retreat which helped me so much in making significant decisions. Jamie is a professional; everything from dietary restrictions to itinerary and visa requirements was taken care of so that I could focus on the students and why we were there: for personal growth and soul nourishment. Once I landed in Bali, I knew instantly, without ever having met Jamie in person, that I wanted to keep this relationship between Banyan Retreats and myself going.

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